This Year's Speakers

Take a look at the speakers who will be presenting at the conference day of Biostasis2022.
CSO at Twenty-First Century Medicine

Dr. Greg Fahy

Engineering School-University of Seville

Dr. Ramón Risco

London Futurists

David Wood

Alcor Life Extension Foundation

Max More

Southern Cryonics

Peter Tsolakides

Advanced Neural Biosciences

Aschwin de Wolf


Ben Best

Advanced Neural Biosciences

Michael Benjamin

University of Surrey

Dr. Roman Bauer

University of Liverpool

Dr. João Pedro de Magalhães

European Biostasis Foundation & Tomorrow Biostasis

Dr. Emil Kendziorra

Arizona Medical Sciences

Aaron Drake

Founder of the Cryosphere, co-host of Cryonics Underground podcast

Max Marty

International Cryomedicine Experts

Eric Vogt