Last Year's Speakers

This year's speakers will be announced in the coming weeks...
CSO at Twenty-First Century Medicine

Dr. Greg Fahy

Cryopreservation Works!

Bioengineering Professor at Oregon State University

Prof. Adam Higgins

Strategies for Reducing the Toxicity of Cryoprotectants

Engineering School-University of Seville

Dr. Ramon Risco

Experimental Evidence of Return to Life

London Futurists

David Wood

Scenarios for the Future of Biostasis: Good, Bad, and Vital

Alcor Life Extension Foundation

Max More

Alcor Advancing: Research, Procedures, Communications

Southern Cryonics

Peter Tsolakides

Recent Cryonics Developments in Australia


Robert McIntyre

Considerations for Effective Brain Preservation

Advanced Neural Biosciences

Aschwin de Wolf

Improving Cryonics Case Outcomes

Advanced Neural Biosciences

Michael Benjamin

Preliminary Results from the Alcor Meta-Analysis Project

University of Surrey

Dr. Roman Bauer

The Future of Cryopreservation: Computational Approaches and Automatisation

Building robots, medtech, and stories

Rafael Hostettler

How to make a full comeback: Strategies for wealth management while in cryostasis

University of Liverpool

Dr. João Pedro de Magalhães

Ways Forward in Cryopreservation, Including Marketing and Outreach

European Biostasis Foundation & Tomorrow Biostasis

Dr. Emil Kendziorra

Building the Leading European Biostasis Provider

Yinfeng Institute for Biological Sciences

Aaron Drake

East meets West: Expanding Cryonics to the Global Market

Founder of the Cryosphere, co-host of Cryonics Underground podcast

Max Marty

The State of The Cryonics Community

Co-host of Cryonics Underground podcast

Daniel Walters

The State of The Cryonics Community

International Cryomedicine Experts

Eric Vogt

The ABCs and XYZs of SST

European Cryonics Law & Policy Research Institute

Jordi Sandalinas

Adoption of Minimum Standards in the European Union to Allow Legal Effectiveness of Cryopreservation Procedures and Transportation

Biostasis Sciences Foundation

Jacob Hoekstra

From Concepts to Capabilities